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The official national Children’s University Trust™ Awards


There are three groups: Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate, with four levels in each.  The first level is called the Award level:

30 hours =   Bronze Award certificate

65 hours =   Silver Award certificate

100 hours =   Gold Award certificate


There are progressive steps leading all the way up to 1000 hours of learning at the top Doctorate level.  We ask children to participate in at least 10 hours of ‘something new’ for each award level above Bronze/Award level.


CU Membership

The cost of CU Membership for each child is £5 for which they receive:

•A CU Passport To Learning

•Access to CU Learning Activities provided by CU quality assured Learning Destinations.

•Participation in a Children's University Graduation ceremony where they will receive a Children's University certificate, dressed traditionally in a graduation cap and gown, with an invitation to parents/carers to attend.


Membership is renewed each time a new Passport To Learning is required (on average this is around once every 18 months).


Through participation in fun, high quality learning experiences, we aim to grow inquisitive, confident, independent children and learners. It's about enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all.  Membership of the Children's University provides each child with access to a range of quality assured learning provision.


Children are responsible for their own Passport To Learning and it is very important that they take care of them as lost records cannot always be accessed.


Programme of School Learning Activities

To find out where the activities are away from school, visit or click on the link below to view the Learning Destination page.  Information will also be sent out in our school’s newsletters.

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Please note that Children’s University can only take responsibility for the quality of the learning experience provided by the Learning Destination and cannot be held responsible for other matters.


Should you wish to find out more information about Children’s University, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Lowe (Children’s University Co-ordinator) or the local Children’s University office on 0121 718 7081.