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Year 6

Upper Key Stage 2 Mathematics

At this stage, pupils should develop their ability to solve a wider range of problems, including increasingly complex properties of numbers and arithmetic, and problems demanding efficient written and mental methods of calculation.


Year 6 Mathematics Guidance

The key focus of mathematics in Year 6 is to ensure your child is confident and increasingly fluent working with integers up to 10 000 000. They will develop and connect their understanding of multiplication and division with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio. They will further develop their ability to solve a wider range of problems, including the use of algebra. Teaching will ensure your child can classify increasingly complex geometric shapes and learn the vocabulary used to describe them. By the end of Year 6 they should be fluent in written methods for all four operations, including long multiplication and division, and working with fractions, decimals and percentages.


Your child will be formally assessed in May using National standardised tests, to monitor their attainment and progress during KS2; where the desired outcome is to be working at the expected standard for Year 6 children.


Link to Year 6 programme of study (statutory requirements)