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Child Leadership

At St. John’s, we provide lots of opportunities for children to lead on different areas within school. Here is an outline of some of the main teams:


School Council

Two children from each year group represent their class on the School Council. Each half term, the children complete focused learning around a focus school value. There are child-led opportunities throughout the year for children to complete courageous advocacy linked to the vision and values.


Spotlight ‘Worship’ team

Two children from each year group represent their class as part of the ‘Spotlight’ worship team. Their role is to permeate our school’s ‘Christian Distinctiveness’ throughout the school. Some of their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Planning, delivering and evaluating worship regularly
  • Liaising with global missionaries (PAIS team)
  • Learning regularly alongside other schools to reflect and share learning linked to Christianity and appreciate diversity and differences
  • Planning, leading and evaluating ‘worship’ clubs for younger children
  • Sharing learning with each other and are pro-active in making a difference- -e.g. Harvest


Prayer Garden team

This is a child-led prayer group which takes place in our Prayer Garden at lunchtimes. The children plan, resource and lead ‘Christianity’ sessions for younger children including: Prayer, Dance, Bible Stories, Drama and creative activities.



The Eco-team has been set up by the children in response to whole-school learning based around ‘The Promise’ story book by Nicola Davies. Children have audited the environment and are currently working towards the Eco-award.


School News Team


1.Newsreaders are set up to plan, write and share school news on a weekly basis during the ‘Celebration worship’ with parents.


2.The St. John’s Newspaper is child-led and focuses on all aspects of child leadership and a celebration of school life. It is planned, written and distributed by the children to all members of the St. John’s family.