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Welcome to Reception



Wow, what an amazing first few weeks! We are so proud of how well the children have not only settled into the classroom, but school life as a whole. We can’t stress more how fantastic the children have adjusted  the new setting and routine, they are all shining! We are so excited to continue to watch your children grow at St John’s.

Miss Levey, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Maries

Autumn 1


In Reception, we aim for as much of our curriculum as possible, to be lead by your children’s interests. However some key topics we will be covering are: ‘Twinkle Twinkle We Are Stars”, “Being Healthy” and ‘All About Autumn”. These topics, along with the child-lead topics will be the basis of the theme of the classroom and the activities put out for the children to enjoy each day. The children have loved having free flow around the classroom and having ownership of their learning.

In literacy we have been looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have enjoyed exploring a crime scene in the classroom, where someone with golden hair broke in and spilt porridge all over the floor! Luckily we have a classroom full of amazing detectives to send evidence to the police, who will hopefully catch the culprit! We will be moving onto the texts ‘Handas Surprise” and Autumn non-fiction texts later in the half term.

In maths the children will be covering the areas of matching and sorting, comparing and pattern. They have already completed some amazing maths work and we are so impressed with how fantastic their counting is.

We are so looking forward to learning with your children this half term, they are always so enthusiastic and make every day so much fun! 

Autumn 2


We have had an absolutely amazing half term in Reception. The children have grown so much in character and knowledge and the team are super proud of them!

The fixed themes we explored this half term were Bonfire Night, Diwali, All about Winter and Christmas. The children have loved all the activities we have done surrounding each of these topics, they have completed art work, reflections, role play and class discussions surrounding these topics and have really enjoyed talking with their teachers and friends about all the new things they have learnt. A highlight was going for our winter walk, which was perfectly timed with a late November snowstorm. We can’t wait for our trip to the Belgrade Theatre in the last week of the half term to top off all our Christmas celebrations!

In English, we have looked at Zim Zam Zoom some poetry by James Carter, The Snowman and Stickman. The children’s literacy skills have developed so much this half term and they have produced some amazing writing and are beginning to read. We are so proud!

In Maths we have looked at shape (circles, triangles, squares and rectangles), positional language, one more one less, times through the day and have looked at how we represent numbers to 5. The children have been amazing in both the maths carpet times and getting involved with the maths activities in Get Learning, including our weekly star challenge!


Spring 1


We have done so much amazing learning this half term! There has been so many exciting events which we have explored including Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Internet Safety Day and Mental health awareness week. The children had an amazing time preparing and performing their very own dragon dance when we learnt about Chinese New Year! We made our own instruments and decorated a dragon head, which Mrs Clarke did an excellent job of wearing during the dance! We also explored the topic of ‘I Need a Hero’, thinking about both superheroes and real life heroes. Lots of the children would make amazing policemen, nurses, doctors and firemen after their work experience in our role play area!

In English we will be looked at lots of exciting texts including Supertato, Super worm, People who help us, A great big cuddle and The Enormous Turnip. The children completed some FANTASTIC writing, ranging from letters to the Supertato after the evil pea caused mischief in the classroom to our own Enormous Turnip stories. 

In maths we looked at numbers 0-8, made pairs, measured objects using cubes and began to explore different timers (ipads and egg timers) and calendars. The children even began adding two numbers together and are now experts at writing their numbers – well done Reception for your hard work! 

Spring 2



Spring 2 began with an amazing World Book Day, we all loved dressing up, sharing our favorite stories and completing the school wide activities. The key theme we explores in Spring 2 was Spring. The children loved seeing the flowers we planted grow and enjoyed a spring walk in the sunshine! We celebrated and explored Pancake Day, Mothers Day and Easter., making some beautiful cards which the children loved sharing with their families. The role play area transformed into a cake shop, flower shop and finally a space station, where we did some amazing writing and developed story lines together. 


In English, the children started using their writing books, which look AMAZING! We explore The Gingerbread Man, with the children writing recipes. Then we will be looked at Elmer, Miss Levey's favorite  story. We made links to PSHE, discussing feelings and how we can make ourselves better if we are sad. Finally we looked at George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. The children loved re-wiring the stories in their writing books and we were so proud of their work and could see how hard the children had been working on their letter formation. 

In Maths we will be explored numbers 9 & 10 making links to addition and number bonds. The children were also introduced to 3D shapes and loved using the shapes to do some paint printing outside. We also revisited pattern, with the children making their own patterns using colours, shapes and natural resources.

Summer 1


Wow! What an exciting half term!  We have started our new topic of 'Let's Explore', we have been exploring what makes the world around us special. The highlight of our half term was our class trip to Hatton. The children loved exploring the farm and learning about all their animals. They interacted with lots of animals and even held a snake called Ernie! I our wider curriculum, have learnt about Ramadan and Eid and have begun to see the changes from spring to summer. Our final role play area of the half term is dedicated to the Queen's Jubilee, the children have made decorations, crowns and an amazing abstract collaborative piece of art work. The children have loved learning about the royal family and have enjoyed talking about their families too. 


In English we will first looked at minibeast information texts and the children produced some amazing non-fiction writing explaining the life cycles of butterflies! Later on in the term we  explored The Gruffalo and began to think about describing words to help with our sentence writing. We ended off the half term by looking at We're Going on a Bear Hunt! The children have worked hard to learn how to act out the story and have made some amazing story maps and writing. We are so impressed - well done Reception!


In maths we have explored numbers greater than 10, the children are now fantastic at recognising these numbers and are experts at counting. We then moved on to spatial reasoning, exploring how shapes fit together and are broken up to make different shapes. We finished off with addition and subtraction and have been looking at answering maths word problems. 

Our trip to Hatton

The Queen's Jubilee

Summer 2


We can't believe it is the final half term of the year! We are looking forward to continuing with our topic 'Let's Explore' and will be watching some caterpillars turn into butterflies in the classroom! We will be thinking about caring for our environment and for ourselves by keeping healthy. Towards the end of the term the children will enjoy fun events including sports day and transition activities with their new teacher. 


In English we will be looking at 3 key texts: Little Whale, Meerkat Mail and Simon Sock. We will be using these as a starting point for some amazing writing and literacy activities. The children have worked so hard this year and have learnt 50 phonics sounds so far! We are looking forward to the children working their way up the book bands -well done! 


In Maths, our final units will explore doubling, sharing, even and odd and we will revisit spatial reasoning, to set the children up to start in Year 1.