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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Welcome to Year 4 - what a fantastic start to the new school year we have had! Year 4 have settled in brilliantly and we are already in full swing with our curriculum. I am really excited for the year ahead, and my first year teaching at St Johns. We have lots to look forward to!


Miss Hanson (Class teacher) and Miss Addenbrooke (Class teaching assistant)

Autumn 1


This term our curriculum for History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology is taught through our ‘White Water Adventure' learning. We will be looking at the resource of water in more detail, exploring its importance in the water cycle, rivers and seas. We have already been on a fantastic trip to the brook as part of our topic learning, which the children really enjoyed. We have also explored the location of different rivers and mountain ranges so far, with the children showcasing their previous knowledge from Year 2 and 3 which was brilliant to see. Look out for our virtual ‘Come and Share’ session on 1st October 2021 on Seesaw, which will focus on some of our geography learning.


For DT we will be designing and making bridges - I am looking forward to seeing the children develop their skills and knowledge from Year 3. In art, we will be looking at the work of Claude Monet, and painting in his petit-tache style to create our own versions of his artwork. Look out for our virtual 'Time to Shine' session, where you can get a closer look at their art learning!


Our English is based around the text 'The Firework Maker’s Daughter' by Phillip Pullman, which the children are loving. Already they have produced some amazing writing in the form of letters and setting descriptions. We will go on to look at a range of other texts later in the term.


In Science we are investigating states of matter. We did an interesting experiment to find out whether air has any weight to it, and the children made some fantastic predictions. I am looking forward to us all finding out more about the states of matter this half term.