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Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

  • Whilst there are occasional carpet time sessions (2 per half term), which focus on PSED, we believe children develop most in this area through interacting with their peers and developing their independence as they start their school journey.
  • This area of learning is split into 3 early learning goals.
    • Self regulation
      • Children learn and develop their attention skills and ability to follow instructions through adult lead tasks and activities alongside the routines of the school day.
      • The children, through interactions with their peers also learn compassion and empathy and are encouraged to consider the feelings of those around them.
    • Managing self
      • Through the free choice during get learning and making new friends, children build their confidence and independence.
      • Their resilience and perseverance is developed through problems solving, which children are encouraged to do from the start of the year.
      • Children learn and follow the rules of school and consider why we have rules and the difference between right and wrong.
    • Building relationships
      • We consistently promote and model kindness within and outside of the classroom, build upon mutual respect.
      • Children are expected to work and play with other members of the class, sharing and being cooperative at all times.

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