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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2022-2023


Year 2 have had an amazing start to the year! The children are settling in with a transition unit based on the text 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers, which has enabled us to get to know all the children and we are ready for a fantastic term! The children have already produced some amazing writing and illustrations. We have lots to look forward to over the year and Miss Winson and Mrs Palmer are excited to continue this learning journey with the children.

Spring 2023

In Spring 1, Year 2 started their ‘Saving the World’ Topic, where they discovered more about our planet and what we can do to protect it. This included making bird feeders out of recycled yoghurt pots, for the local area and creating recycling posters to put around school warning others the dangers of plastic pollution. Furthermore, in English the focus text was ‘The Twits’ and the children created amazing stories about a new character, Mr Twits brother! They learnt new skills to make their writing more descriptive and better use of language.  

In Spring 2, Year 2 look forward to continuing their ‘Saving the World’ topic and will be getting creative with ingredients! Year 2 will learn about where food comes from and research dishes from Kenya, they will even be able to create their own dish using different skills on how to prepare food. In maths they will be continuing with dividing and multiplying and starting their measurement unit. There are loads of fun activities to look forward to as we prepare for Easter including making Easter cards and an Easter egg treasure hunt! 

Year 2 Autumn 2 2022

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Autumn 1 2022

In Autumn 1 Year 2 have started their ‘Zoom! Soar! Whizz!’ curriculum, where they have been exploring inventors from Coventry and visited the Coventry Transport Museum. The trip was a huge success! The children learnt about different modes of transport and drew a real penny farthing. In English, we have been reading ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ and learnt about the story from a different perspective, they will be continuing with this book next term and looking at different kinds of text including non-fiction.


Autumn 2 2022

Year 2 have had a brilliant term; in English they have been looking at non-fiction texts linking to their Zoom Soar Whizz topic! The children have written biographies about James Starley and invented their own modes of transport which turned into an interested piece of writing, using features of non-fiction text. Did you know 6- and 7-year-olds make brilliant drivers? We had a visit from young drivers and the children had a fun time driving in cars, they learnt how to be safe by listening to instructions and always checked left and right when they came to a junction. 


Year 2 have worked hard this term as not only have they had their lessons, but they have also practised lines, songs and performed their Christmas production. Another highlight of Autumn 2 was 'Children in Need' day, they wore non-uniform to raise money for the charity and they learnt how to draw Pudsey bear.




Welcome to Year 2


Hi and welcome to Year 2. My name is Mr Gormley and I am the Year 2 Teacher and PE and Maths Lead. I have spent 3 years in KS2 and 3 years in KS1 and I am excited for the year ahead as there is lots of captivating and exciting learning planned! So far the current Year 2’s have been fantastic. They have settled in ever so well and are curious to learn in all areas of the curriculum. The work they are producing so early on in the year is amazing.


Autumn 1



In Autumn 1, our wider curriculum Is based around Coventry and the famous inventions that have took place in our incredible city. It is called ‘Zoom! Soar! Whizz!’. In Maths, we have started on Place Value and will be shortly moving onto Addition and Subtraction. English has involved the traditional tale ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ and we have written a diary entry in role as the shoemaker which was exciting. Science has started with the unit: Animals including Humans, we have already learnt about the life cycle of a frog! In Computing, we are collecting data and using software to transfer this into a pictogram. Overall, an excellent start to Year 2!


Autumn 2



Autumn 2, has been a huge success in Year 2!  Our wider curriculum learning ‘Zoom! Soar! Whizz!’ has really taken off... we have been on a Trip to the Coventry Transport Museum, had a guest speaker from Aston Martin and even had our very own driving lesson. The children have been captivated and excited throughout their learning. In Maths, we have covered Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. We have also looked at money too. 


English has involved the wacky adventures of ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ and we have written a information text about our very own car. In Science, we have been learning about Living things and their habitats, and we even managed to find a frog in Forest school! In Computing, we have been learning about programming using Beebots. On the whole, another fantastic half term of learning in Year 2.

Spring 1



In Spring 1, our wider curriculum is called ‘Saving the World’. We are learning about famous people who help make our world a better place such as David Attenborough and Prince William. In Maths, we will be learning our times tables, starting fractions and also telling the time. 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl will be our starting English text followed by the classic poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat' by Edward Lear. Science will start with the unit: Everyday Materials, and we will also be learning about how recycling occurs. In Computing, we are using technology to make music. 


One of our highlights this half term has been Mental health Awareness week. We meditated to relaxing music, painted the sky outdoors and even created our own Worry Monsters! Another highlight was Internet Safety Day where we took part in a range of activities on how to stay safe online and we even designed our own gaming character. Also, making our Kenyan dish Kachumbari was super fun, dicing, slicing and grating our different ingredients.  

Spring 2 


In Spring 2, during our wider curriculum 'Saving the World’ we are learning about Andy Warhol and Chris Packham. In Maths, we will be learning about measuring length, mass and capacity. The half term will start of with designing and making our very own persuasive posters in English, to show our value of stewardship and spread the message about recycling. Science will continue with the unit: Everyday Materials, and we will design our own raincoats! In Computing, we are learning about information technology around us. 


A highlight of this half term has been our weekly Outdoor Learning lesson. With the weather becoming nicer it has been wonderful to learn outside, we even tried our own Art Attack! We also found Science Day super inspiring, especially learning about the famous scientist and conservationist Sir David Attenborough. The Spring term has been wonderful!

Summer 1


In the Summer term, during our wider curriculum 'Happy Holidays’ we are learning about Holidays of the past and tasking a trip to the beach! In Maths, we will be tackling 2D and 3D shape. The half term will start of with the text 'The Pirates Next Door' in English. Science will start with the unit: Plants and we will investigate the conditions plants need to grow successfully! In Computing, we are learning about programming our own quizzes. 


Not only the highlight of this half term but the highlight of the year is definitely our trip to Weston Super Mare! It was truly amazing and we were blessed with the perfect weather. In the morning we did a Geography field study around the seafront, then in the afternoon, we had a picnic on the beach, a donkey ride, an ice lolly and we got to build lots of sandcastles! We made memories that will last a lifetime. 

Summer 2


Our wider curriculum 'Happy Holidays’ is very creative this half term. We will be looking at the famous sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and also designing our own puppets in DT.  In Maths, we will be starting with Statistics. The half term will start off with the text 'The Snail and the Whale' in English. We will be continuing with the unit: Plants in Science and in Computing, we are learning about photography!


A highlight of this half term has been our Music Day. We found out about John Powell the Composer of 'How to Train your Dragon'. Sports day is always a highlight too! We also discovered more about our new teachers and completed a range of different Transition activities. Overall, this Year has been truly amazing and we have learnt so much knowledge to take with us on our journey up to Key Stage 2.