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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 2022-2023


Year 1 have had an amazing start to the year! The children's transition from Reception into year 1, with 'Get Learning' sessions and a transition unit based on the text 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers has enabled us to get to know all the children and we are ready for a fantastic term! The children have already produced some amazing writing and illustrations. We have lots to look forward to over the year and Miss Mulgrew and Miss Hobbs are excited to continue this learning journey with the children.

Summer 1 2023

In Summer 1, we will be starting our new curriculum topic: Exploring the World. We will be learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the World in geography. In History we will look at famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus. In DT we will be creating slider mechanisms. In English we will be reading our new text ‘Jabuti the Tortoise’ and will be writing character descriptions, stories, and fact files. In Maths we will be continuing with place value to 50 and will look at length, height, mass, and volume. In RE our big question is ‘What do Christians believe God is like?’. In Science we will begin to learn about plants. We are so excited to start all of this brilliant learning!

Spring 2023

In the Spring Term, we started our new curriculum topic: Time Travel! We travelled back in time as we learnt about the Great Fire of London. In Design and Technology, we made our own Tudor Houses! They were incredible and the class and parents were amazing at supporting each other to complete the task. Truly showing our school value of Teamwork!

We have been learning about London today including famous people and famous London landmarks. In English we have been reading and writing our own stories about ‘Paddington at the Palace’ by Michael Bond. We also wrote instructions on how to make a marmalade sandwich, yum yum! In Maths we have been looking at shape and place value within 20.


Spring 2

What a fantastic end to the Spring term we had. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about London in the present and have learnt so much about Landmarks and the Royal Family. They also enjoyed doing some map work in Geography and creating Silhouette paintings in Art. In English we enjoyed making wanted posters for Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len as part of our story ‘What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday’. In Maths we worked hard with more pace value and addition and subtraction. In RE we learnt about the Easter Story and wrote beautiful Easter prayers.  We had a fantastic morning at St John’s where we took part in ‘Mousike Ensemble’ which had the theme ‘Healthy Me, Healthy Mind’ the children sang beautifully and were a credit to our school. It was year 1’s turn for a class assembly and the children did brilliantly explaining what ‘Excellence’ means and gave great examples of how they show this value in school. We are so excited for Summer 1 and all the new and exciting learning it will bring!

Year 1 Autumn 2 2022

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Autumn 1

This term we have started our ‘Coventry, St John’s and me!’ curriculum. In History we have been learning about our school logo and the history of our school. We also enjoyed our ‘Come and Share’ where we learnt about family history. In art we learnt about primary colours and how to make secondary colours. We also met the designer Brit Scott and designed and painted our own ‘I Will Shine’ logos.

Our English learning has been based around Little Red Riding Hood where we made our own wanted posters and wrote our own versions of the story. We then completed a non-fiction unit on fact files where we wrote lots of facts about our school. In maths our focus has been on Number and Place Value Within 10. Children have learnt to count forwards and backwards, find one more and one less, compare groups by matching and started to use the language of fewer, more and same. In science children have really enjoyed their physics work on seasonal changes in Autumn, we went on a field study of Allesley park to collect autumnal treasures. RE we have learnt about the creation story, and how Christians say thank you to God. In music children have enjoyed learning the song ‘Hey-You!’.

We have really enjoyed our Outdoor Learning sessions this term, we have made story sticks, gone on an outdoor treasure hunt, created values inspired artwork, made living books and created rainstorm music! We can’t wait to continue these fantastic sessions next term.


Autumn 2

What a fantastic term we’ve had. We have been really showing our school values this term from Teamwork in RHE to Stewardship on children in need day where we helped to raise money. We have shown amazing Drive in our topic lessons particularly when learning about our school and it’s past in History. We really enjoyed meeting Dogger and writing out own stories about a toy that got lost in the park. We have developed even more as mathematicians and now know lots of number bonds to and within 10. We remembered our value of Identity during our Learning Log celebrations. Year 1 shone brightly like stars during our performance of the                 Inn-Spectors. We have had such an amazing term and now looking forward to a wonderful Christmas holiday. 

Autumn 1 2022

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A few photos from Autumn 1. We can't wait for Autumn 2!

                                                                Welcome to Year 1


Year 1 have had a fantastic start to the year! They have made a great transition from Reception into year 1 and are already completing amazing curriculum learning. We have lots to look forward to over the year and Miss McGee and Mrs Palmer are excited to continue this learning journey with the children.

Autumn 1


In “Coventry, St John’s and Me”, year 1 will be learning about History, Geography, Art and DT. To start our topic we met Brit Scott, who is a designer and she designed our school logo. The children asked lots of great questions and were very excited to meet her. In Art we will be learning all about colour mixing, creating our own “I Will Shine” logo, and creating our own Picasso self-portraits. In History, the children will be learning about their family history as well as our local history, including how our school has changed over the years! In geography we will be learning about our local area of Allesley Park and other key Coventry landmarks, including Coventry Cathedral. We will also be doing Design Technology, where we will learn about different fruits and vegetables, before finally making a fruit salad!


In English the children have started the year writing about “The Big Bad Wolf”, after reading the story “Little Red Riding Hood”. They have written amazing Wanted Posters, which we will display in the classroom and other places around the school. Throughout the Autumn term we will also be doing writing based around our school, using the text “Dogger” for writing and creating our own fireworks poems!


In Maths the children have been learning about number and place value, and they have made a great start! They have shown great teamwork in different activities and challenged themselves to achieve more. We will move onto addition and subtraction later in the term.

In science we have started to learn about the four seasons. We have been learning about Autumn and the features of Autumn. The children have enjoyed going on an Autumn walk and are looking forward to learning more about the seasons. Later in the term we will also be learning about Animals, including humans.

Autumn 2


Wow! What an amazing term! Year 1 have been very busy this half term and have been showing our school values in lots of different aspects of their learning.


We joined in with our school to show respect during Remembrance Day. As a class we made a window display for our classroom, created a piece of class artwork and wrote a class poem. Everyone showed respect on this day and understood the importance of Remembrance. 

We also had a school's values day, and everyone enjoyed taking part in activities linked to our school values


In their 'Coventry, St John's and Me' learning, they started the term by using their geography skills on a walk of the local area. They walked up to Allesley Park and looked at human and physical features. Then when they were at the park they showed our school value of 'Stewardship' to do litter-picking to look after our park. They were amazing!


In maths, year 1 have been learning about addition and subtraction, shape and number and place value. They have used lots of different resources to help their learning and they have worked hard to develop their reasoning skills.


Our English work has looked at poetry and stories this half term. The children wrote their own Fireworks poems, and they were absolutely fantastic! Then we read Dogger and wrote about our toys, and created a story for them to go on. We tweeted Shirley Hughes, and she tweeted us back! We were very proud!


In science we have been learning about animals, including humans and have shown teamwork in lots of different activities, including sorting and labeling animals. 


Outdoor learning has been fantastic this half term, and we want to say a massive thank you to all the parent helpers. We have made story sticks, ziplines and our own bird kites. 


The children have also been practising hard for the Christmas play and they have all been incredible!

Spring 1


In the Spring Term, we will be starting our new curriculum learning: Time Travel! Get ready to travel to London year 1, and back in time as well to learn about the Great Fire of London! We will be learning about famous people from London and famous London landmarks. We can't wait to get started.


In maths this half term, we have learned more about addition and subtraction. We used lots of different resources to help us in our learning. We have also learned about measure including: length, height, mass and volume! Finally we learned about position and direction and year 1 have been amazing at practising different turns.



Our texts for this half term linked to our curriculum learning about London! We read "What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday". The children then wrote amazing Wanted Posters for Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh, to warn everybody to be on the look out for them. They also wrote incredible diaries as "Monkey Joe". After this we read "A walk in London" and the children wrote postcards and fact files all about London! 



It has been a busy start to our curriculum learning, learning all about the Great Fire of London! We have learned some fantastic facts, written a diary as the baker's cat and learned about Samuel Pepys!



Year 1 have learned about changes from Winter to Spring and Materials! We did lots of exploring of materials and their properties.



We have been learning all about Judaism! We learned about some of the special artefacts and holidays that they celebrate.



Year 1 have been busy learning about how to use a word processor this half term. They have learned how to type on a computer and how to change what the writing looks like using the tool bar.



We have been around the world... with music! Year 1 learned about six different genres of music, including Latin and Bhangra. The children also had a go at improvising their own music and worked with partners to compose their own song!


Outdoor Learning

Year 1 are enjoying outdoor learning and completing different challenges each week. This half term all of the activities linked to our school values and the children were amazing working together to complete tasks!

We can't wait to carry on our amazing learning in Spring 2!


Spring 2

It has been a busy start to Spring 2 and the children have been working incredibly hard!



We have been learning more about the Great Fire of London, and in Design Technology, we made our own Tudor Houses! They were incredible and the class were amazing at supporting each other to complete the task! We have also been incredible artists, experimenting with tints and shades. We then used this to create our own artwork using a silhouette!


To finish of our Time Travel unit, we zoomed in on London to look at how London has changed between the past and now and the countries of the United Kingdom.



We have been learning more about Number and Place Value. Year 1 have worked with numbers to 50 and have worked on developing their problem solving skills! Amazing work year 1! We have also been learning about telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. 


This half term we have been reading "Paddington at the Palace"! It is definitely a favourite with the class. They have written a book review of the story and their own Paddington stories as well! We also made our own sandwiches... marmalade sandwiches! We wrote instructions for how to make these delicious sandwiches.



Year 1 loved taking part in our school's science day this half term! We learned all about growth!

We have also been learning about Spring. We went on a Spring walk and have thought about how we know what Spring is: new buds and new life!



We have been learning about Reggae this half term! We learned the song and played the glockenspiel as well.



This half term we have been learning about the Easter Story. We have been reflecting about the importance of the Easter story and what it means to Christians.


We have been learning about different ball games, and how to control the ball. We have also done dance, including cannon and unison.


Outdoor Learning

We have completed lots of exciting activities outdoors this half term. These have been linked to art, maths, DT and more! Thank you to the parents who have helped us with this.


We have had an amazing term and we can't wait to continue our learning in the summer!

Summer 1


What an exciting start to the Summer term! Year 1 have started our new curriculum learning "Exploring the World" and they are loving learning about different continents and oceans. We have also started our new English Unit and we are reading a book set in the Amazon Rainforest!



We have read a "Trickster Story" called "Jabuti the Tortoise". The children loved reading a story from another culture and they created amazing word banks to describe Jabuti for a character description. Then they wrote their own incredible Trickster stories set in the Amazon Rainforest! To finish off our writing this half term, the children have written their own fact files about the parrots from the Amazon Rainforest. If you need to learn about parrots, year 1's fact files will give you the most amazing facts!



This half term in maths we have done more work on number and place value and have learned about numbers up to 100, including comparing numbers and finding one more and one less. After that we started multiplication and division. Year 1 have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. They have also been drawing arrays! It was tricky work, but they never gave up!


Exploring the World

We started our unit learning about geography. The children learned about the continents of the world and the Oceans of the world. We then did history and learned about Captain James Cook. We learned amazing facts about him and about his ship, the HMS Endeavour. 



We have been learning about the Parable of the Lost Son. We learned about the story and thought about what it means to us.



Year 1 have started their unit on plants. They have been learning about common plants and wild plants. They have learned the names of some of these plants and we have been identifying different types of trees.